We're excited to announce our new Taiwan headquarters is open from Kaohsiung. Here's why we decided on this beautiful city:

  • We found some stunning space atop the Kaohsiung Software Technology Park with views over the port and city, and alongside industry titans, Brogent and Foxconn;
  • Kaohsiung is fast becoming a major Asia VR hub with other leaders in XR content creation now relocating to the city, plus it sports a 30 seat VR Theater;
  • We're working with Kaohsiung City Government to establish a PROJECTR® XR Center in the city as a specialist co-working space for the sector to utilize, and have other exciting VR initiatives in the pipeline;
  • It's such an easy city to connect to South East Asia and other North Asia cities from. The busy Kaohsiung International airport is only 10 minutes up the road from our offices;
  • Lonely Planet picked Kaohsiung as No. 5 city on its top 10 list to visit in 2018. So we did! Please come and visit us too.